Single Parents Should be Able to Adopt!

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Single parents!!!  Looking for that joy of a child around you, yet you can’t without a soul mate?  Wanting a beautiful kid of your own to care for?  The thing is, sometimes, single parents cannot adopt because of the lack of a loving mother to care for children, or a fun, tough father to keep them safe. Kids need a pretty good protection system and good living arrangements in order to stay with their adoptive families, but if they do not get that, they are moved to a different place and the parent is not able to adopt from that agency. Because of that, the single parent will feel like they cannot get a child to care for and think they are not allowed at all to adopt a beautiful and loving kid, two years or twelve.

When single parents are trying to adopt, often the birth mothers try to get their kids to a pair of loving parents and are not sure they want their child with someone who doesn’t have a husband or wife. Once a widow or widower tries to adopt a kid, sometimes, the birth mother tries to tell them she can’t give her child to them unless they have a husband or wife. Other obstacles single parents face for not being able to adopt are, people try to adopt a baby, and get a ten year old, or want a ten year old and get a baby.

This causes problems and the parents are not able to adopt a kid even if they except the kid or toddler that the adoption center provides for them to adopt. Also, when a widower or just a single man wants to adopt a child he is often asked about their sexuality, living arrangements, and other things to make sure the child is going into a safe and comfortable home. If you fit all of the qualities needed to adopt a kid, then you’re good to go. Unless you get rejected because you’re single, but in my opinion, just because you are single doesn’t mean you can’t adopt!

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