Stop the Drama!

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It is proven that middle school, and high school are the most dramatic years of your life. The solution is to not respond when drama tries to attack you. Just like cyber bullying, if someone posts a rude comment about you on the internet, ignore it don’t respond.
Girls seem to take things that people say more seriously than guys. It seems to be the reason drama mostly involves a group of girls, than with boys. I’m not saying that guys don’t deal with drama, It’s just that girls are usually the ones who start it, or get involved. Drama is one of the many reasons people end up falling into depression. So if you think about it, you aren’t just causing them trouble at school but everywhere else too. Meaning that another problem will arise. People get the idea that they need to kill themselves to get away from everything. I don’t think you would want too kill someone with your words no matter how much you dislike them. Being a part of drama isn’t funny or cool so there’s no reason to try and start it.
So stop the drama! Stand up and get involved and tell a teacher about it. If someone tells you that you’re ugly, ignore it. It really doesn’t matter what they think, and if you don’t want anyone to know anything then don’t tell anyone. Not even your closest friend, because you never know who they’re gonna tell. Trust is like paper, once it’s crumpled it can never be perfect again. Try not to tell anyone your deepest secrets because next thing you know the whole school knows about what you did or who you told. Case closed, if you hear something bad about another person then tell a teacher don’t just stand by, and stand up!


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