Struck By Lightning

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Struck by Lightning is a book about a boy named Carson Phillips, who wants nothing more than to leave his small town, Clover. Carson has dreams bigger than his towns population. He wants to attend Northwestern University, become the youngest editor of The New Yorker, and become a Nobel Peace Prize winner. He will stop at nothing to get into Northwestern, it’s his one way ticket out of Clover.

Except there’s one problem, his short story wasn’t enough to cut it, so now he has to start a school literary magazine. ( A magazine where your peers give short stories and poems.) To make matters worse, he is the most hated person in Clover, even his mother constantly reminds him that she never wanted him. So what other choice does he have then to blackmail some of his most popular peers with secrets that could ruin them for good. Who knew that even the Head Cheerleader, Star Quarterback, Dram Club Captain, Yearbook Captain, and the Foreign Exchange Student had some shocking secrets, and trust me you will be surprised.


Although this book is subtitled The Carson Phillips Journal, that doesn’t mean the book focuses completely on him. His mother, Sheryl, is having her own problems, after recently discovering that her pharmacist, April, is engaged and pregnant with her ex husband!


Now back to Carson. You might think that after Carson blackmailed everyone his problems would be over. WRONG! Now that Carson blackmailed the popular kids they hate him even more and I mean pure hatred. Either way Carson could care less, all he can think about is if  his Literary magazine is good enough. It’s not long after he finds out if his life will remain in Clover or if he finally gets to live out his dream of going to Northwestern.

Struck by Lightning was one of the best books that I have ever read! There was twist and turns, and the most shocking bombshells you would never would have thought would happen. Carson is witty, sarcastic, and just plain hilarious, and hey if you don’t like to read the book has been made into a movie staring the writer himself, Chris Colfer. The movie also has stars like Rebel Wilson, Sarah Hyland, Matt Prokop, and Robbie Amell. Struck by Lightning shows that even in a small town, everyone has secrets they would do anything to hide.

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