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Taylor Swift continues to wow the world with her amazing new album “1989”. In the first week, it sold 1.287 million copies! This means that she almost beat fellow pop star, Britney Spears’s album in 2000 which sold 1.319 million in the first week. Swift’s album is expected to have the largest amount of copies since 2002 when Eminem sold 1.322 million copies.

She has gone a little out of her comfort zone by not having that little touch of country she usually puts in her songs. However, her fans must love the new twist considering how much has already been sold. Swift already has five albums. With “Fearless” having the most copies, she also has “Taylor Swift,” “Sounds of the Season,” “Beautiful Eyes,” “Speak Now,” “Red,” and now “1989.” Taylor’s most sold album is “Fearless” with more than 5 million copies just in the Unites States. This album has many favorite songs which include: “Love Story,” “You Belong with me,” “Forever and Always” and much more.

Taylor was born on December 13, 1989 in Wyomissing Pennsylvania . Swift started to create music at age 5. At age 14 she became the youngest singer/songwriter. Her first album was on top for 8 weeks. At age 16, she published her first song “Tim McGraw”.  After that, her songs got more and more popular as time went on.

Swift has gotten much love, more fans, and a lot more money because of this album. She has also lost money because she recently got off of Spotify. Over the past year, Swift got 2 million dollars from Spotify. Then the money got lowered to 500,000 dollars. If she was still one the iPhone app, research has said she probably would have gotten 2 million for her recent album.

In conclusion, Taylor has 5 albums, her most sold is “Fearless,” and her new album “1989” has been a very popular success in the music industry.


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