Teen Victims?

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Teenagers have a tough time during their age. They may have personal or social issues such as being successful as an adult, driving, doing well in school, etc. The crime rate for teens is increasing as well. Currently, they are twice as likely as any age group to become a victim of a crime.

To prevent this, people, especially parents, should help teenagers be more aware of possible crimes. First of all, people should encourage teens to be more aware of their surroundings. Whether they are indoors our outdoors, ┬áteens should try not to walk alone, and be alert about what is going on around them. Also, they should tell someone where they are going, and when they will return. That way, if someone isn’t back by the time they were supposed to, others would know to look for them.

Trusting your instincts is another way to prevent teen victims. If you feel uneasy about someone, leave and avoid the person. Also, teens should not carry valuables in sight. If a criminal sees someone with valuables, it would be like opening a door to them. Another action to help prevent teen victims is to encourage teens to report crimes, whether it has happened to them, or someone else they know of.

Overall, we need to increase awareness of teen victims. The numbers of these crimes are rising, and we need to prevent them. Some signs of a teen victim are: changes in eating or sleeping habits, aggressive or inappropriate behavior, mood swings, increased risk-taking, difficulty concentrating, withdrawal from friends, nightmares, feelings of helplessness or hopelessness, and depression or anxiety. It’s not a counselor or police officer’s job to help teen victims, it is also ours. Supporting these victims is something everyone has the potential to do.























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