The Chest in Attic

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A blonde haired boy  the age of 15 named Jonathan just moved into his new house. They were just getting settled in when Jonathan had past by his room and Jonathan glanced into the blazing white hallway. Jonathan seemed to found an attic door, he didn’t recognize the attic door when he came to first see the house. Before Jonathan went inside the attic, Jonathan confirmed his mom’s permission first. When his mom said yes but told him to be careful and take a flash light. As he opened the door to the attic, the ladder didn’t seem to budge to come down. Jonathan gave a rough punch on the hinges, which Jonathan didn’t know was really stupid. The ladder came tumbling down. Jonathan started to climb up the ladder and flicked his flash light on. Jonathan was in the attic and was walking to the sealed off window to try to get some light into the attic. But tripped on what seemed to be a large wooden chest.

Jonathan shined the flash light perfectly at the chest to get a glimpse of what was inside. He found an empty chest of no values to him, as Jonathan took a last glimpse around the attic he as usual found absolutely nothing. Jonathan returned to his mom and dad to help unpack. Later that night, as he laid in his bed hearing noises in the attic. Jonathan thought he had been going insane. So to prove to himself he wasn’t crazy he enter the attic once more.

Instead of the attic being pitch black in the middle of the night it had fiery glow to the walls. The chest seem to have moved to the middle of the room and was on a little table covered in red carpet. Jonathan’s heart had stopped from being frightened of such paranormal activity. Instead of running Jonathan had gotten a hold of himself and open the chest. As Jonathan got closer to the chest he felt gravity was pulling him further and further down to the ground. When he touched the chest he felt his body shiver. When Jonathan attempted to open the wooden chest it seemed it was glued shut. Jonathan gave it a great big pull and it swung open and the room filled with darkness.

Jonathan jumped back from great fear of what was about to happen to him. Instead of something very bad happening to him something completely unexpected happened. The room filled up with light and the table was gone but the chest still sat open. Jonathan moved closer to the chest to inspect what inside. Jonathan jumped up to see that, a rabbit hopped out, with a collar that had a note and a name tag on it. The note had writing on it, it said “Please take care of my rabbit for me, I am very ill and I will die soon, Thank you and i will make sure you are taking care of him. because I’m always watching now.”

Jonathan looked at the name tag to find that the name of the rabbit was Brian. Sense Jonathan realized he was allergic to rabbits, he immediately took Brian and let him out back when to realize it had been day time. As he saw the bunny run off he heard a bird around the house. A Hawk in fact, since Jonathan was and idiot and forgot what hawks eat he just watched the bunny hop away. Jonathan saw the hawk swoop down and snatch the bunny, Jonathan screamed with his hands on his head.

Jonathan felt a rough as a rock hand gripping his shoulder with great force. He soon realized the note wasn’t joking. And looked behind him was a tall white man with brown hair wearing a suit looking down at Jonathan. Jonathan asked what was his name and the man answered you failed me and its time to go. The man yanked Jonathan by the hair and dragged him far across the room to the front yard. Jonathan try’ed to scream but something was making his voice silent. The man dragged Jonathan up the stairs and into the hallway, were the attic entrance lay open.

Jonathan was  dragged up the attic stairs as blood started to drown out of his head. When he tried to scream, it just hurt even worse. The man threw Jonathan to the middle of the attic. He lifted Jonathan up by the neck and took a collar from his pocket and tied it around Jonathan’s neck. He lost circulation and was not getting air the man quickly threw Jonathan into the chest as Jonathan struggled to get the collar off. The man was shutting the chest and Jonathan was slowly dying. The man now waits for the next innocent soul to torture next.


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