The Cliff

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“Hey Girl!” Sam yelled across the pasture to her horse, Popcorn. She whinnied a ‘Hello’ to her. He started to run around the pasture like she usually does. Sam starts to run around the paddock in a search for a halter. She can’t find it and she decides to just hop on and grab the mane. Popcorn is startled and Gallops as fast as she can. Sam finally feels free. Her hair blowing in the wind. Sam thinks to herself “I have to be back in 15 min for supper” Popcorn heads for the cliff as she always does. as soon as they get there they are in for a big suprise.

There is another horse there with a saddle on. Where is the rider?They start to walk up. She is surprised to see a boy! She gets off of Popcorn and slowly walks toward him. he turns around and he is surprised. he starts to run to his horse. “Wait!” Sam yells. He is already gone. She looks at her watch. Its been 14 min. “Oh No!” She Runs to Popcorn and swings over her. She gallops to the house.

“I met someone Mom” Sam says

“Thats good Samantha.” Her mom says “Whats her name?”

“Mom its a he”

“Oh, why are you talking to boys?”

“Nevermind that mom , I don’t know what his name is”

“What does that mean?”

“I met him when I took Popcorn out.”

“You know that you are ┬ánot allowed by that cliff, young lady!”

“But Mom!”

“No, no more”

“I hate you!”

Sam storms out of the house and to Popcorn.. She swings over Popcorn and squeezes so tight that Popcorn doesn’t even stop to run. Sam is crying and Popcorn can feel her sadness Popcorn weaves through the trees and stops so hard that Sam falls off.

“Popcorn!” said Sam as she got up and scraped off some dirt.

Popcorn whinnied as the boy appeared out of the darkness.

“Hello, I know you from somewhere.” Said the boy as he came closer

“Hi, I know we met at the cliff”Sam replied trying to clean herself off

“Well then ,hi I am ┬áCaleb. Nice to finally meet you!”

“Finally? Oh and I’m Samantha and this is Popcorn”

“Well Hi Samantha and Popcorn this is Midnight.”

“Hi Midnight”Sam said stroking Midnight

Midnight is this beautiful Black spotted pony that is that is the cutes pony that Sam has ever seen.

” So, shall we go for a ride?” He says getting on Midnight

“Sure” She says as she starts to follow his foot steps

“Won’t we get in trouble?” She says right after

“No, we are fine. I know these trails in the back of my mind.”

They start to head off then they stop at the cliff were they originally met.

“Hey, look at the sunset” Sam says as she starts to sit at the edge of the cliff

“Yeah,” He says as he sits down with her. To be continued…

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