The Flying Car Development

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Have you ever dreamed about a flying car of your own? Or flying above the stars but not wanting want to pay so much cash. There is a company by the name of AeroMobil which is defined as flying-vehicle. They are developing a flying vehicle by the name of AeroMobil 3.0 – prototype. Aeromobil prototype 3.0 The second successful flying vehicle prototype or vehicle. The first was invented in 1946 it was called the AeroCar only six were ever made in the whole world. All people interested, are still testing flying vehicles around the world. Some people have tried to make a flying auto mobile, But most people have not succeeded. People thought that flying cars would solve the worlds traffic problem, where if they are in a rush they can just let off the ground and start to fly over the cars that are stuck in traffic. People have invented jet cars but no, real flying machine that is allowed to be produced in a factory. I believe it would be cool but, there are a lot of problems with this. (1) People would have to get flight licences which would cause allot of problems. (2) Gas prices and would also make to much air pollution and would raise the price. (3) It would also make the skies bad to where you couldn’t see anything day and night and that would cost the worlds economy and food system to die then we would star to die and the world would end you don’t want that to happen do you? Some people think that flying cars would be a revolutionary change in the worlds vehicle. But I say no because it is to dangerous and, hey if your engines fail your going to plummet did you ever think of that huh? I would have a heart attack if I got in one and I came off of the ground. The ground is nicer than the sky.

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