The food in the Cafeteria

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We all use to eat the same thing every day at lunch. No, because it was our favorite food, but because we don’t like the other food in the cafeteria.

Some kids like the food that they give in the cafeteria, but many other kids think the food in the cafeteria is disgusting. This is why I think the school should make a survey to see what kids would like to eat in school, and then choose the healthy choices and the ones everybody likes. Some kids would like to eat junk food everyday, that is the reason why I propose to choose the healthy choices and maybe once a month we can eat something that is not really healthy.

We would like to eat something different each day, and more fresh fruits. Maybe other kinds of cereal for the breakfast as well.

In my opinion,  the breakfast food is not healthy, the breakfast has a lot of sugar. We should change that, maybe we can put food with more sugar in lunch and food with less sugar in breakfast.

We all would like to eat junk food at any point in our life, but what we don’t understand is that, all that bunch of junk food is dangerous for us, so I think that the cafeteria should eliminate some food. I think there should be more kinds of drinks appropriated for breakfast because some kids do not like milk or they can’t drink milk. We should add natural juices. I know and understand that if we want more we will have to give more, and I think many parents will agree and pay more for the welfare of their children. Not all the parents will think like me, and will want to stay with the normal service, but we all have rights and I think we should have those opportunities in the school cafeteria.


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