The Mysterious Hudson Plane Crash

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US Airways Flight 1549 will take off down the runway in about five minutes. I sit back and try to relax into my chair. Something doesn’t feel right. I look out through my window to the other waiting planes, and sigh. Why is the plane still not moving? I turn to my mother sitting next to me only to see her snoring in her seat already. So much for company. I can’t blame her though we woke up at 6:00 this morning so that we could get ready for the flight. I feel almost as tired as her at this point.

I feel the plane jolt as it finally starts to make its way down the runway. I put my hair up into a ponytail and lean back into my chair. The plane accelerates farther into the sky and over the white fluffy clouds. I remember the first time I rode a plane and laughed. I was only 3 years old and was sleeping all the way to the airport. My father, who is now 2 seats away from me, was carrying my suitcase. My mother had to wake me up so that we could get through security and board our plane. When I open my eyes, I end up stopping and staring at this new alien planet. At first I’m scared and stay close to my mother, but when we start walking around all I want to do is go adventure.

I guess that’s just me growing-up. I no longer have as many dreams as I once did. I look out the window and see the great city of Manhattan passing by as we fly pass. I don’t know if its just me or not, but we seem to be flying pretty close to the ground. I stare out the window wondering what the problem is, but try not to worry too much since I’m already worried as it is.That’s when it hits.

The plane suddenly shutters violently making me lurch sideways. My mother has awaken by now asking what was happening and why the plane had jolted like that. I wished I could tell her but I didn’t know myself.

“Everything is going to be alright!” I turn to see a woman with a baby in her arms standing a few seats back.

“Its okay theirs nothing to worry about” she seems to be shouting to someone behind her. She sits back down, I wish she hadn’t. I am hyperventilating now trying to figure out what was going on. I wanted her to keep telling everyone that it was going to be okay because frankly I feel like I might explode. Tears start to form in my eyes as I start to realize, we might crash.The plane suddenly goes into a dive.

It felt almost as if I was going down on a roller coaster, a deadly one.

We’re gonna crash, we’re gonna crash, we’re gonna crash. Is all I can think about for a few minutes until the pilot finally speaks up.

“Brace yourselves!” At first when he said that, the whole earth was going in slow motion. My mother was wrapping her arms around me and there were screams everywhere. When the plane struck the water everything shook. I almost thought that I was in the middle of an earthquake. I sat there for awhile trying to shake haze that has collected in front of my eyes. By the time its cleared water has collected at the bottom of the plane making people scream and cry even more. 

I unbuckled my seat belt and started to follow my mother who had already gotten out of her seat. People were pushing and shoving trying to get out the door that looks over the wing. I tried to push my way up but no one was moving. There was a man farther back that was trying to get people to move, but everyone was still in shock. All I wanted to do was get out the door and away from the plane, but just then I realized, that when we get outside theres still an ice cold river waiting to devour the plane and everyone on it.


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