The random chest

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It was a very rainy day outside so I stayed inside my house the lightning struck the house. Curiosity got the best of my so I went to investigate the noise I thought it was a fire. It turned out to be a colorful chest I approached the chest with extreme caution . I opened the chest there was a card was in the chest. The card said “the undead wander soon ” . I looked back my 7 year old dead ¬†brother was standing in the doorway .he ran at me I ran and closed the door behind me and trapped him . I was stunned because the chest was right . Then suddenly more dead people appeared on my doorway. I armed myself with a pan for self-defense.They broke through the door I swung the pan hit one,their head spun around but still got up.My brother got out so I pushed him down the stairs.

So I ran in opened the chest and the card said”your savior is the box with necessity’s to live”.so I ran the roof to see what the box was .the box was full of food and firearms .there’s enough food in here to last me forever ¬†.then the box teleported to the top of the house then a chopper flew overhead to rescue me but someone shot it down .I ran to the other side of the roof but the roof fell the chest was evil. I opened the chest the chest card read soon in despair you will fall and join the fallen. So i fought the dead till my last breath. so that’s my story just kidding. I tried to escape then the army arrived then the box was next to me . I opened the chest for the last time and it said you will be dammed to the deepest darkest and deadliest cave of hell. so that’s my story got lucky to sneak this out of the cave so the dark one does not see me.

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