The Shonen Jump Manga “Naruto” ends

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(!!!Warning spoilers!!!)


In 1999, Masashi Kishimoto’s manga series “Naruto” debuted, and last week, 15 years and 700 chapters later, it comes to an end. It is perhaps an “imperfect ending” but then again Naruto is an imperfect story.

The first of the last two chapters mainly focuses on Sasuke explaining his emotional journey and friendship with Naruto. It took place in the war’s aftermath. Not only does Sasuke explain his experiences, but also Naruto’s suffering, unwavering ambition, and how his courage effected the world around them. Sasuke’s narration is essentially a summary of the entire series, it forms a better obtaining of their suffering, joy, and many other hardships and therefore creates a better understanding of the world and the people in it.

This chapter brings Sasuke’s story to a close in a way that not only redeems the character also ties almost everything else together. Sasuke’s speech is in a very solemnly heartfelt tone but also conveys a powerful sense of optimism for the future. This chapter jumps ahead to the next few years to check up on how everyone is doing, and gives (mostly) evryone their happy endings.

In the end Naruto is married to Hinata, Shikamaru is married to Temari, Ino is married to Sai, and they all have kids of their own, ready to start the next ninja generation. Everyone has moved on and began a new, promising life, with new tormenting adventures ahead. This is the type of chapter that tells the fans, this story is over, but don’t worry they all have grown and have their whole lives ahead of them.

Of course, it would not be a satisfactory ending if Naruto isn’t the fifth Hokage, which he does become. With this, Naruto’s story comes to a full circle; he attends his own Five Kage Summit, his son defaces the five hokage statues just as Naruto did in the past, then they pay their respect to the first page of the first chapter.

With this, finally the series is complete, it is whole. With all 700 chapters, the series “Naruto” finally bids farewell, and because of this, it can finally have a happy ending.

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