The Silent Lake

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“This place… it’s not exactly what Sis described….” A teenage boy spoke. He had slightly emo, deep black hair, with dark blue eyes, that seemed to stare straight through anyone he looked at. The boy was wearing black skinny jeans, and a black shirt, with leather brown combat boots. He had black socks on his feet that rose to his knees, which were pale, just like the rest of his skin. This boy’s name was Mat, and he was walking across a beach in the cool night air. The breeze caught him off guard, producing a shiver. The moon hung high and full in the starry sky, as the water softly bounced onto and off the shore. Mat looked from side to side, and slowly began to float a few inches off the ground. He then zoomed across the water, and extended his arm to touch it. It left ripples, and Mat laughed to himself softly. “Either way… I still think it’s beautiful!” Mat said with a smile. He soon saw a dark figure coming from the beach, flying at him. Mat looked at it sideways, and recognized who she was.

“Oi, this place isn’t a playground.” Marisa yelled, from her broom. Marisa was a girl with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a black witch hat with a white ribbon around the base. She also wore a black dress covered by a white apron, and dark brown boots. Marisa was a witch, and quite a young one at that, seemingly only about sixteen or seventeen. She flew to him on her broom.

“Oh, Marisa! It’s good to see you here, don’t you love how bright the moon is?” Mat asked, with a lighthearted tone.

“Mat, you really shouldn’t be on the lake.” Marisa advised.

“But Sis told me about it a few days ago, I just couldn’t keep away!” Mat said, looking up at the moon.

“Seriously, if you stick around, you’re gonna get blasted by some youkai!” Marisa yelled back at him. Youkai were oriental demons, or apparitions that would attack and eat humans. It was a general term for most, and any, supernatural creatures.

“Heehee, if any youkai come here, I’ll just beat them up, instead.” Mat laughed, and turned to keep flying.

“Mat! You seriously can’t be out here at this time of night. The moon is full, everyone’s powered up! If you don’t leave, I’ll have to take you down for trespassing.” Marisa threatened.

“Is that really gonna happen? I’d love to see you try!” Mat said, and smiled.

“Grrr… this kid… fine! You want it this badly, then take it!” Marisa yelled, and she pulled out an octagonal stone, one with several intricate carvings on it. She pushed her arm out that was holding it and yelled, “MASTER SPAAAAAAAAARK!” Out of the stone, came an expanding, huge, rainbow laser that blasted straight through Mat. It sounded like a jet taking off, and right when the laser subsided, Mat was gone. Marisa looked around, confused. Mat rose out of the water from behind Marisa slowly, and jumped off of her head, then dispersed into a thick, white mist. Marisa almost fell off of her broom, but was able to regain her balance.

“I thought that would have done more!” Mat’s voice came from all around Marisa. The white mist begun to travel around the lake, with a trail of orange globes firing out from behind it. The misty mass flew at Marisa, and she dodged, quickly riding off into the west.

“This kid….” Marisa trailed off, and out of the small, engraved stone came stars. The stars shot at the mist that was tailing her, and dispersed it. Suddenly, all of it reformed into Mat, who was standing, happily before Marisa.

“Is this all you’ve got?” Mat asked, laughing.

“Take this, Stardust Revere!” Marisa yelled. Her broom begun to spiral towards Mat, smashing into him, pushing the pair far to the east, now. Marisa pulled her broom back, and watched as Mat suddenly… disappeared.

“Hmpf. That’s no fun.” Mat’s voice came from above Marisa, as she looked up to see Mat standing above her. He leaped upwards, sending a huge wind gust at Marisa, slamming her into the water below. “I’ll end it like this, Dream Sign -Fantasy Seal-” Mat declared, and seven, huge, multicolored orbs shot out around him. They zoomed back into him, and exploded outwards. The orbs raced into the water, at Marisa, and slammed her up into the sky in front of Mat. He slammed a fist into Marisa, and pelted her through the air.

“Not- so fast!” Marisa yelled, and caught herself in the air. “Blazing Star!” She flew back at Mat, her broom and the air around her were dyed a bright blue as she broke the sound barrier, and smashed into Mat. He flew backwards into the water. Where he landed, millions of bubbles flew into the air, and zoomed at Marisa, who begun to fly away from them. She dodged the bubbles as they gained on her. Those that didn’t pop, formed into the figure of Mat.

“Sorry for holding back, this is the real thing! Royal Flare!” Mat screamed, and he pushed his hands into the air. With that, the night sky exploded into daytime, and the sun appeared… right above Mat. He screeched with laughter, and it exploded into a mass of raw solar energy, seeking out every last organic being, save Mat, and destroyed it. Marisa was blown across the sky, being pelted from all sides by the onslaught that lasted too long to count the seconds. Mat laughed as trees across the shoreline were burnt to a crisp, and the water evaporated instantly. After very long, the night returned, and Marisa was laying, collapsed, all the way at the shoreline. The water vapor that was the lake, immediately dispersed into liquid, and fell to the lakebed. Mat was smiling.

“Sorry, but I like it here, just fine!” Mat laughed, and flew along the water again.

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I am Jude Ulibarri, also known as Clear. So naive and innocent they said of me. Not to realize, not to recognize, there's a darker side breaking out. I am far beyond salvation. Pride is why I never let my soul become unclean. ~♫ Clear ♫

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