They Are Watching

| December 9, 2014 | 0 Comments

We are watching, we always have. Watching behind the mailboxes, in bushes, up in trees, even between houses. We watch you mock us, once every year. You butcher who we really are. That hurts, you think its funny, but its not. When you do that every “Halloween” you hurt people, people that are close to me. When you mock us, when you try to look like us.

My name is Aldon and I’m a goblin. I know Aldon is a weird name, but it means a wise protector. Aldon is a weird name for a goblin, I know. Not all goblins are mean like you think. I don’t like my name, of course no one chooses their name, but I was chosen. Chosen to watch over my people, and once again I say, the ones you mock.

So we have always been watching. Not to stalk you and find out everything about you, but to see how far you can go to taunt and tease us, mock us. You guys have made us cry, made us angry. But there is nothing we can do, there never will be. Eventually you grow out of it, but then you bring your children, and they bring their children and so on. But every year, everyone of you find a new way to mock us, choosing a new one of us to mock.

We aren’t scary, we won’t hurt you. But I ask with all my heart, to stop. It’s not fair to us, the ones you make cry. We have to live with this pain forever. We can’t walk away, so it seems. But the prophecy states when all you are gone, and you stop mocking us. We can leave, we can be free.

The prophecy is our way out. Our way to be who we are. The prophecy was written by the first ‘monster’, Basilisk. He was alone in the world, where we all live. He was the first to feel the pain, that we all have. He of course did research on you, but to try and understand better why you do the things you do. In the prophecy he states that “No ghost, no goblin, no ‘monster’ who scares, can show their face in the land. The face that threatens many, the land that gives us pain.” Then he continues and says “We where put here for a reason, not by a choice. But I, Basilisk, think that we where put here when this started, then we must be able to go back when it stops.”

That’s what me and the people live by, every day. We hope that we could go back some day. But I must ask, why do you do that? Why do you dress up like us? Don’t you understand? We cant leave, and you are the reason why. So stop. stop with your foolishness. So we can go home, be with our loved ones, and not live in misery.


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