What Softball Means To Me

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The ball is flying toward you, and your about to catch the pop fly that will win the game. Your catching the ball depends on you. Everyone is watching, to see if you catch the ball, watching to see if you mess up, just watching. Your mind is telling you, Once that ball hits you glove, you need to grab it and throw it to the basemen that the opponent was just on! If you do that, you win the game. You feel like everything is going in slow motion, the suspense is killing every person in the stands, the coaches yelling the next move you have to do if you catch that ball. The ball hits your glove, leaving stinging in your hand from where the ball hit and you throw the ball to the base, your team mate catches the ball. Both of you know you just won the game. That is the reason I love to play softball.

Softball is something that I wouldn’t be able to live without. It helps me let go of anger and takes my mind off of the world. When I play, it feels like the world just kind of pauses, and when I’m done, the world starts again, like my own personal remote. Also I love everything about the game, from the batting to the pitching. I’ve only played softball for four years, unlike most girls, who have been playing since they could pick up a ball, but I feel like I know everythingĀ about it.

There is nothing more amazing than the feeling when you slide to home plate from just hitting the ballĀ (a home run). A home run is a special thing. A home run is when you hit the ball and you run to all the bases back to home plate. There are two ways you can attempt a home run. One, being that you hit the ball so far, the opponent doesn’t even have a slim chance of having enough time to run and get the ball and throw it back to the team. Second, being you hit the ball, but the other team has messed up a throw to the base you were at. Or the base man didn’t catch it and the ball flew past them.

Softball should be available to young teens in middle schools. It would be absolutely amazing to have softball at my school, I could share the excitement with the other teenagers who also love to play. Softball also brings girls together. After a season, it’s like you have a second family. I hope that some day the middle schools will have softball for girls to enjoy.

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