Halloween Terror Chapter 1

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“Yes, it’s Halloween!” Jake yelled through the halls. Jake is a 7th grader at Spring Branch Middle School. He snuck up on his friends and yelled.

“Halloween!” Jake’s friends jumped and they both screamed. Kodie who is one of Jake’s friends, turned around and hit Jake in the gut. When Kodie hit Jake at first it surprised him because he didn’t expect getting hit but then he returned back to reality and hit her back. Now it was Kodie’s turn to be shocked.

“DON’T DO THAT!” Kodie yelled. Josh who is Jake’s other friend started to laugh at his two friends arguing with each other.

When Jake and Kodie heard Josh laughing they faced Josh and both asked, “What?”, “Nothing, just you two arguing.”

When Jake got home he ran up the stairs to his room. Jake throw himself onto his bed and put his headphones into his ears and played (Without You) by Three Days Grace. When the song was half way through, he started to sing to the song. Jake listened to his music for hours on end, all of a sudden Jake’s mom knocked on the door. Jake’s music was so loud that he didn’t notice his mom, she in so when he looked up, saw a black looking figure and he screamed and jumped off his bed to the floor. When he hit the floor he jumped up to his feet and took out his headphones and turned tourds the lamp on his nightstand. When he could see that it was his mother he asked,”What are you doing in my room?” he asked his mother.”I came up to tell you that you need to get ready.” Jake’s mom told him. He quickly got into his Halloween costume witch was a Freddy costume. when he got everything on his mother came up and told him that Kodie and Josh was waiting for him.

Jake and his friends were going to the 13 floor. “I can’t wait! This going to be the best Halloween EVER!” Josh said , ” I know right. Hey Jake how did you get your mom to agree to you going to the 13 floor?” Kodie asked. What Jake said next shocked  Kodie and Josh,  ” I didn’t, she thinks that I’m going with y’all to go Trick are Teat around the block.” Jake told them.  When they arrived at the 13 floor they had Joker smiles, but one thing they never expected was that that night would be the worst night of there lives.

When they entered the building all they heard was screams from people and what they first saw was people running around like a serial killer was chasing them and even some people got so scared that they had to have someone get them out of the building. “AWESOME!” all three of them yelled. They started to run around and when someone popped out they would scream,ran away, then laugh. When they got to the 3rd floor then they got reality scared because there was body parts on the ground with blood every were. “I don’t have a good feeling about this guys.” Kodie said. Josh and Jake stopped dead in there tracks and turned to Kodie studied her for a  moment then started to laugh, “Stop being a wimp.” both Jake and Josh said. When they turned around a guy with a bloody mask and a evil clown mask was running after them. All three of them screamed and jumped out of there skin then turned around and ran as fast as they could away from the guy.

They were now on the 4th level they were all trying to not run for the entrance building and all the way home. When they turned around a corner all three of them froze nether of them could move or scream. What they saw was a man was wearing what looked like a black hoodie, bluejeans, and a black mask. The man had a knife with blood on it and there was a girl on the ground by a pile of blood. When the man looked up and saw them he started to laugh and then he started to walk over to them. Josh was the first to recover. Josh started to scream and tried to get his friends to move. The man told Josh that if he was smart that he should start running and leave and that was what he did he left Kodie and Jake. Kodie was the next to recover and when she did she tried to stop the man from hurting Jake who was still trying to recover. The man tried to scare Kodie like he did to Josh but it didn’t woke and pretty so the man got tired of her and the next thing you know she was on the ground in a pile of blood. When Jake recovered the man had his knife to his neck. Jake screamed and started to walk backwards. When Jake saw Kodie on the ground with blood by here he ran to her and started to scream and was shaking her trying to wake her up, but no matter what he did she wouldn’t wake up. Jake became angry and turned to the man and stood up then he started to charge at the man. When Jake started to charge at the man it surprised the guy and he started to run away from Jake. Jake chased him until he lost lost sight of him. Jake ran back to Kodie and started to call the plocie. When he got off the phone with the police  he broke down cying.






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