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Last week I watched the movie, “Before I go to Sleep”. I honestly thought, that it was one of its kind of movie. It had plot twists, a good plot, and it was a mystery. My favorite type of movie.

         Though, at the same time, sometimes the plot twists got annoying. They happened so frequently that it was downright dumb. It was just twist after twist after twist. Also, I would have enjoyed if some else played Ben.

        The film is a psychological thriller about a woman suffering from anterograde amnesia. She wakes every day with no knowledge of who she is and the movie follows her as she tries to reconstruct her memories from a journal she has been keeping but on a camera. She learns that she has been seeing a doctor who is helping her to recover her memory, that her name is Christine Lucas, that she is 40 years old and married and has a son his name is Adam. As her video journal grows, it casts doubts on the truth behind this knowledge as she determines to discover the truth about who she truly is.

I ultimately thought that it was a good film. Though, the plot was strong. I have never seen a movie with as many plot twists and to be in thought for a long period of time. I would totally recommend this movie for more mature people. Mostly because the bring up awkward topics and some people can not handle it.



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