Gone but not forgotten

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This is the story about how my best friends life got cut way too short. Quenice Henry was a 14 year old girl who was diagnosed with cancer in 7th grade. She started feeling sick on a Friday at school, and was rushed to the hospital immediately. Later that night she underwent surgery and the nurses found Burkitt Lymphoma. Quenice spent the next week in the hospital slowly getting worse and worse. In her second surgery, Quenice passed away. The doctors told her parents that the tumor got to her heart before they could stop it. Around a week later, the nurse admitted to her hand “slipping” and puncturing her heart.

Quenice was everyones favorite, she always smiled and had an amazing sense of humor. “I am so proud of who she was and how much she accomplished in her small time,” says Quentin Henry, her close friend and brother. Our school made several big posters filled with things such as “When you walked into a room, you lit it up with your beautiful smile and personality,” and “Every time I saw you, Quenice, you would have a huge smile on that would light up the world!”

Burkitt lymphoma is most found in African children ages 4-7, and is twice as common to happen in a male than female. Some of the most recognizable symptoms are weight loss, fever, and unexplained swelling of lymph nodes. It is only terminal if it is not treated immediately, in her case it wasn’t.Tests that could be performed to find Burkitt lymphoma are bone marrow biopsy, complete blood count, and CT scan of the pelvis, chest, and abdomen.

Quince passed away on February 6, 2013. I have not gone a day without thinking of her beautiful smile. Gone but not forgotten…

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