Halloween Night…

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Halloween night, you may think candy, fun, friends… right? Wrong at least in this case. My name is Karma and I am going trick or treating tomorrow  night with all of my friends, well seven of them Amy, Amanda, Alyssa, Carter, Austin, Matthew and Jenna. Halloween is my favorite holiday because you can be anything or anyone for one night of the year.

Today it was all about getting ready making sure I had all the supplies I needed, my bag for candy, makeup, and lastly my outfit which was a devil costume. Yes a devil I know, but I figured “Hey it’s Halloween I don’t care, I have red hair, and I dress normally every other day.”

Once I had everything together I sat down on the couch and stared watching TV. I was watching “Halloween Town” it  was one of my favorite Halloween movies. As I was watching I got a text from an unknown number that said… “I’m coming for you…you can’t hide forever…” That’s all they sent, I almost jumped out of my seat when i read it. Immediately after I texted my friend best friend Matthew telling him exactly what the text said. He said someone was trying to prank me or they had the wrong number. I believed him and ended up taking a nap in my room.

It was about 8:00 at night when I took the nap so I woke up at about 9:00 in the morning. I woke up with about 15 text all saying “STAY HOME TONIGHT…OR ELSE!” I figured it was a prank, so I got up and went to go eat breakfast. Once I was done with breakfast I went Upstairs to go get dressed I got another one of the text. I finally texted them back saying “STOP TEXTING ME. I THINK YOU HAVE THE WRONG NUMBER.” They didn’t text me back so i’m assuming  they understood.

The rest of the day I was either getting ready or watching TV. Once it was about 6:30 I texted my friends reminding them to come over at 7:00. I spent the last 30 minutes making sure I had everything I needed. Once my friends got to my house we decided to go out trick or treating.

We were about 5 blocks away from my house in a forest like area…

“Where are we?” asked Amy.

“I’m really afraid.” Jenna said.

“We’ll be fine it’s not even that scary out here anyways.” Austin said without hesitation.

“Easy for you to say!” I said almost in anger.

“All of you stop! Let’s just get out of here and argue later!” exclaimed Matthew.

In the distance we saw a shadowy figure, we weren’t sure what it was, but I think we were all just as frightened. We all started running in different directions, but I tripped. No one noticed, all I remember is waking up in a dark, hot cave. I saw the same figure walk up to me.

“Is it really you.” said a tall scary man.

“W-what?” I said with hesitation not wanting to know the answer. I didn’t now what was going to happen, I was terrified. Then I opened my eyes, it was all just a dream.

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