Lesson offically learned

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As I walked out the door, my mom yelled, “Good luck out there, and remember to be safe!” I knew that she truly wished me well because she loves when I fill up her freezer.

It was a long drive from San Antonio to Leakey, but it was going to be worth it.  I felt confident about this hunting trip.  I felt for certain that I would shoot at least one hog.

When I got there, we unpacked and went to bed, dreaming of bacon.  The next morning, I took my Remington 270 caliber rifle and walked down to my blind,a wooden camo box with windows to stick the guns out.  I was in the blind watching an eight point buck that I couldn’t shoot for several hours, then I went back to the cabin.

At the hunters cabin I was determined that I would do something to increase my chances of shooting something. I was thinking of crazy plans that I didn’t have the supplies for, when I found the perfect plan. Corn, I thought to myself, was the answer to my plan. I needed to go down and lay some dried, salty, yellow corn on the dry ground by the blind. That would attract the hogs, and then I would light them up.

After laying the corn down, I walked up to the cabin for some lunch. I had a hog sausage which made me want to shoot something even more! After lunch, I climbed back into the camo blind and waited there patrolling under the feeder with my fancy scope.  Nothing showed up, so at 8 pm, I went back to the cabin.

At dinner we were talking about how it was a huge disappointment that I didn’t shoot anything.  I told the other hunters at the table that I had learned a valuable lesson: Life doesn’t always work out as planned.

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