Let’s Use Music To Are Advantage

| February 3, 2015 | 0 Comments

Music has a big in-pack on people. It can go three ways, it can ether help you, make it worse, or make you do bad things.

If a song artist tells you how bad all the violence ┬áis, then more and more people will stop doing crimes and our world will become just a little better place. People will start to open there eyes and try to stop people from doing crimes.People might know it’s wrong but still does it because sometimes they just need to hear it or they think it’s okay they here all these artist that basically okay.

If we use music to tell the world to stop doing drugs and that it isn’t cool and that it’s actually the opposite. If song artist write music to help change people’s mind. We can use music to help people realize that are wold needs help. Music can also help people realize that we need to make sure that we need to keep are world clean. Artist can wright about how and why we need to keep are world clean. Song artist can help people understand that if we don’t keep are wold clean then are wold won’t last much longer.

Song artist can also help people with depression. When you have depression you feel alone and worthless. People with depression mostly lesion to rock and heavy metal music. Except telling them cutting is okay and seam like its the only way out try to make them feel better about them self and make them feel like cutting is the only way to stop the pain and the voices in there head go away.

Instead of writing songs about them self, to blow off steam, get back at someone,and about how depressed they are, they could help change the wold from violence,drugs, people self harming, and help people to keep the world a better place.If we use music to are advantage then are world would be a completely different for the better.

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