Ray Rice Wins Case

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The court lifted the suspension and is allowed to join any team in the NFL except the Ravens. Although it might be hard to get onto another team again for Ray Rice. Some teams need him but also don’t want him because of the backlash they might get for hiring Rice.

Most people do not agree with the courts decision with the case. A women’s right group , UltraViolet, strongly disagrees with the decision, saying “The case is another failure of the NFL to take domestic violence seriously.” The co-founder said “The problem here is that the NFL’s long history of sweeping abuse under the rug.”

On Aug 28th , the NFL finally updated its violence policy. Which means if one is caught doing domestic violence or sexual assault, then they’d get suspended for 6 games. If caught a second time, they would be banned for life.

Even after the incident in February, Ray Rice and his (now married) wife Janay Palmer , got married on about a month and a half later on March 28th. ” I went by yesterday after everything happened and checked up on them and they’re happy…growing. They’re trying to better themselves from it.” said Torrey Smith, one of the couples close friends.


On the first suspension, which was only a couple games,they’re¬†any people thought it was a mild punishment or that the NFL didn’t care about women. Many people were upset and wanted him to face a more serious punishment. So once he went for his second trial, he was suspended from the Ravens but not the NFL. Which people are still pretty upset about.

Back in February 2014, Ray Rice was caught on an elevator camera, violently punch his now-wife, Janay. He was suspended from the NFL in September. The NFL has a strict domestic policy. Which is if a player that plays for any team in the NFL is caught hitting or being violent towards a family member, they are suspended.

Hopefully the NFL can start controlling some of their players soon.

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