Tragic “Walking Dead” Mid-Season Finale Episode

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The mid-season finale of the hit show “Walking Dead” aired on November 31, 2014. The rest of the season will not air until sometime in January. The director left the most huge cliff-hanger to get the viewers to come watch the rest of the season in January. This season was by far the most intense season. 

On last weeks of “Walking Dead” a huge plot-twist occurred. Daryl and Carol were trying to find Rick and the gang but then something bad happened. As they both found a steady place to stay, a teenager boy came up to Daryl and Carol and demanded all of their weapons. Of course they don’t give the weapons to them without a fight. As Daryl and the teenager were fighting, a police car rolled up outside the window. The boy mentions to Daryl and Carol about how the people in the police car takes people to their hospital.  The teenager tells them that Beth is at the hospital, and everything goes downhill from here.

The only reason Daryl and the teenager made peace is because, they wanted to do it for Beth. So everyone teamed up to try to save Beth from the hospital.  Carol and the boys went to go try to get in the hospital but the police came and hit Carol. The people of the hospital took Carol in. 

On this weeks episode of “Walking Dead” the teenage boy and Daryl make a plan to to bring Rick and the gang to rescue Carol and Beth. Everyone is almost at the hospital, when another police car tried to take the gang to the hospital. Rick and the gang end up catching the people in the police car and held them captive in return for Beth and Carol.

Rick and the gang break into the hospital and everyone is on a search for Beth and Carol. They all find Carol and Beth trying to escape and leave the officers at the hospital. The head people of the hospital spotted the gang try to escape. Everyone made a deal if the hospital gave up Beth and Carol, the gang would give the people of the hospital their police officers. So, the hospital let everyone go and so did the gang, until the main girl from the hospital demanded for the teenage boy with Rick and the gang. The gang refused to, but the teenage boy volunteered to go back to hospital. Beth refused to let him go, so she told the main girl at the hospital she wasn’t leaving. Beth made a move to fight with the lady. Right as Beth slapped her a crossed the face the police officer shot Beth in the head.

This was one of the most tragic episodes of “Walking Dead.” Rick and the gang were patronized and in shock of Beth’s death. As Daryl walked out of the hospital with Beth’s body in his arms, the rest of the gang found out. Right as Magee saw Beth, she dropped to the floor crying. This episode left all “Walking Dead” fans in tears. I can’t wait to finish the rest of the season in January.

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