JOKER: Calling Out Today’s Society

By: Kariña Varela
A cinematic masterpiece, with words leaping off the page onto the big screen for the world to be in awe of. Joker. A one of a kind film shown to the best of us, created for the worst of us. No amount of words can describe the emotional and psychological impact that a film such as this had around the globe. Joker, is written to perfection, shot beautifully, and infuses real-world problems we would otherwise shy away from.
The screenplay for this film, which was written by Todd Phillips and Scott Silver, is absolutely fascinating. The cinematography alone tells of the tragic story but the dialogue adds a whole new layer to the characters. A single sentence could spark a million conversations; we think differently and due to that, we are more aware.
But words can only say so much, and that is where visual representation takes its course. Describing the physical beauty of this film in a few words would be as much of a crime as choosing the favorite child. Joker succeeds in bringing us back to simpler, yet dark time period where respect and kindness cease to exist, a theme that is crucial to the movie’s plot.
We are always told to be kind to one another, but how many times does a person truly act upon this request? Sadly, only a few ever do. In Joker, the main character, Arthur, is met with a series of unfortunate events that many can relate to in modern day circumstances. The realistic aspect of Joker hits close to home to those who feel a lack of representation or ill will towards another. And that is a powerful force many have failed to push upon their audience.
People have said that Joker left them depressed and afraid of today’s politics, but while that may seem dreadful, it is exactly the type of mark that this movie wants to leave in our heads. Today’s society fails to acknowledge our wrongful actions taken towards each other, but Joker addresses it in such a way through such a defining character that we cannot do anything but listen. Then again isn’t that the problem? We never listen.

“Is it just me or is it getting crazier out there?”
~ Arthur

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