What Bush Athletes Do to Lead Go Team To Victory

By: Dhruvi Desai & Rahul Ramadugu
The athletes of the Bush Middle School basketball team work extremely hard to achieve their goal of winning a game. Their efforts are often overlooked by the audience, who may only see the surface of the game (simply swishing an orange ball into a net) instead of the complex system of the game that requires a team of players with strength, compassion, and a sense of synergy. Here, get an inside look at the efforts Bush athletes make to lead their team to victory.

On December 11, 2019, the Bush Bulldogs competed with the fierce Bradley Bears and won by two points in the tenacious competition, and one of the team members, Rahul Ramadugu credits the win to the learning opportunities provided from the previous game which helps the players incorporate the effective strategies from the previous game into this one. When asked whether the shortcomings of the last game allowed for growth in this one, Rahul responded with yes, “We usually learn from our mistakes.” Rahul also values teamwork, stating that he “usually feels important” during a game because he is able to help his team. “They (my teammates) help me notice what I am doing wrong.” Rahul adds that he is dedicated to the sport, not only practicing in the Bulldog Gym, but practicing at home as well.

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