A Surprising Adventure

Written by: Madison Marshall

When going around the school,  interviewing a bunch of different people from the same age range and asking them about one thing you couldn’t live without, you’d expect a bunch of similar answers. However in my case, I received a different range of answers which was a bit of a surprise considering the situation. Other classmates from Journalism received repetitive answers like “My phone” or “family”. I guess that I ended up with the lucky bunch of this school.

5. Hairbrush

To be honest, this answer was probably the most surprising one out of all the interviews. I mean, a hairbrush can be very useful but out of all the things in your life. I guess if it’s that important, they take it everywhere, you really can’t argue with being safe rather than sorry. Personally, I wish I loved my hairbrush as much as they do.

  1. Cheer

I can totally see why they chose cheer to be this important. It is a well respected sport that deals with flexibility and coordination, it can also be really fun! Most people that are in cheer start from an early age, so when growing your life kind of revolves around the sport. To some it can be the core to your life.

  1. My Dog

A pet is probably one of the best things this world has to offer. You can really depend on them and nobody else, especially a dog. They can become your life long companion. The both of you care for one another, depend on one another. It’s something that you can’t wait to get home to. Literally everything you need in this scary world.

  1. Journal

Journals weren’t really my thing when I was little, but growing up, a journal lets you talk about things that are sacred to you and it won’t judge you or talk about it to others. I can see why someone would choose this as one thing they couldn’t live without. Writing stuff down allows people that don’t know how to express themselves get everything off their chest and overall, getting stuff out is so healthy for yourself mentally.

  1. Boyfriend

This was definitely the one I found really important, almost like the 3rd interview.  Having someone by your side is a very important thing. Another person you can relate to, depend on, and care about can be very enjoyable for you and your partner. It feels like you can never feel alone even when you’re not near them. I can definitely see how you couldn’t live without them. 

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