Looking Forward in 2022


Written by: Noelani Janey

      New years is the perfect time for fresh starts and resolutions. I decided to interview Christopher Washington, an eighth grade student at Bush Middle School. When I was first assigned this article, I instantly thought of Christopher and was curious to see his response. I asked him about his goals, hopes, and what he was excited for in 2022 and highlights of 2021.

      While asking him about one of his goals, I was sure he would say something related to skateboarding, I was correct. He stated he wanted to “progress more in skateboarding.” He went on to talk about how he wants to practice and skate more. He also wants to “be able to do some new tricks by the end of 2022.”

      I also asked him about his hopes. He stated he wanted to “meet new people” and “go to highschool at Reagan.” He continued saying he’s wanting to make new friends and memories at Reagan.

      While talking, he seemed very optimistic and excited for 2022, he told me that he was most excited about Reagan. I understand his excitement , I’m also very excited to go to highschool. Reagan is a great school and lots of people I know feel lucky for the opportunity to attend. I am confident future rattlers will have an amazing experience. 

      Chris is obviously very excited for high school and making memories. He’s looking forward to the future and focusing on the positive knowing there may also be downs. We should all have this attitude for this year, the next, and the one after that.

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