Spring Vacationing

Written by: Luciana (Arrow) Guzman

I’m sure every school here in America goes on a holiday somewhere in March. This ‘holiday’ is called spring break! This March, I interviewed a few of my peers to show how there are many people that did different things on spring break. Some of these people had a very relaxing break while others had a very eventful break where it sounded like every day was a fun one! 

  • Going to new places! 

When I interviewed people, most of them had a lot to do. For example, my friend went downtown San Antonio to check out the Riverwalk mall. She also checked out an arcade called Dave & Busters. She went after the riverwalk and ate food/played some cool arcade games at Dave & Busters. Trying new things is really fun! Especially when you are in a place you never lived in before.

  • A Boring Break…

Another spring break a friend of mine had, sounded quite boring. He himself said it was boring too, “yeah, I did like nothing!” All he did was sleep, eat, visited grandparents house for a day and sleep. Yeah, that’s understandable. Sometimes, you and your family haven’t planned anything or they just don’t know what to do. 

  • Doing a lot of fun things!

I interviewed another fellow peer who did a lot of eventful things! They went shopping for a house because they were going to move to a different house! That sounds really exciting, I’m sure they are excited and a little nervous. They also went to the movies to see a movie with Tom Holland and went to a restaurant they had never gone to before. At the end of the spring break, they just stayed in bed. Something I would do too when I had a long week.


I’m glad that these people I’ve interviewed had a good week. Even if their spring break was a little exciting or boring, I’m sure they had a fun break. Not everyone has the same experience with vacationing, even if you are in the same family or sharing the experience with a friend. Everyone’s a little different.

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