Stressful Break?

Written By: Emma Stawicki

During spring break people look forward to having fun, sleeping in, and just relaxing overall. I interviewed a few people to see what they had to say about their spring break. The one person I thought was most interesting was my mother. Me and my mom spent all of spring break with each other, we both had different versions of how we thought spring break went.

During spring break my mom had to take me to practices, competitions, and tournaments. Sunday we went to Houston for my cheer competition and we had a lot of fun. We went to The Rustic for dinner with my coaches and just had a really good time overall. Monday was my competition day for cheer. Tuesday, we went back to San Antonio and we stopped at a lot of food places and experienced a lot of new things together. Wednesday, we cleaned up our house a little then my mom took me to cheer practice later that night. Thursday, I had volleyball practice. Friday, I had a cheer party for placing 1st overall and getting grand champions at the competition. Saturday was my first day with no practices, so me, my mom, and my brother went to Main Event and had a really good time.Then, Sunday, I had volleyball practice and right after had to go to cheer practice, with no break for me or my mother. I never realize how much my mom does for me, well she does a lot when you put it all together. She’s a big help for me in my life and does a lot for me in general.

My mom told me that out of all the places we went during our spring break her favorite was when we went to Main Event. She said that overall she had a good time with her family and stated that she thought we all got a better bond after having fun together that day. She said when at Main Event she loved bowling with us. She said we were being silly and funny which made her have an even better time when we were there. Overall, my mom said that she had a fun and relaxing spring break.

If I didn’t ask my mother about how she thought her spring break went, I would have never known that she had a so much of a good time. I thought that my mother had a stressful weekend and that she felt unrelaxed during it. Turns out, I was wrong and all I had to do was simply ask about her opinion on how she felt about it.

Although my mother’s spring break may have been a little hectic with everything she had to take me to, she had a good time even with all the ubering for me. My mom showed me that even if you are super busy, you can always make and or find the time to have fun, and just make the best of your situation no matter good or bad.

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