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In the Fall of 2007, inspired by Krueger Middle School’s KSAT program, Bush Middle School launched NEISD’s first interactive digital online newspaper – The WATCHDOG. Having seen some of the awesome articles on the Falcon’s .pdf newspaper edition posted online, Bush set off to create a completely new online experience. Using Joomla’s content management system and partnering with Lopez Middle School, both online papers were an instant hit. After two years of keeping an eye on Bush News, The Watchdog was put on hold due to lack of server space and security concerns. With the opening of Johnson High School, NEISD decided to pilot a program to create an online Newspaper that would be supported by the district by providing server space and a secure WordPress system. The program has proven to be a success as all high schools have versions of online newspapers and recently middle school’s were invited to participate. So, The WATCHDOG Online is BACK! We hope you enjoy our online experience and will work diligently to bring you up to date on news and all things Bush.


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