2nd Annual BBNN Halloween Drawing Contest

The 2nd Annual BBNN Halloween Drawing Contest was a huge success. With over 40 entries, it was a “spooky” job to pick the three winners. Congratulations to Natalie Javener, Gracie McMahon, and Brooks Davies for placing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively. We’d also like to thank everyone for participating. Happy Halloween!

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The Next Up-and-Coming Artist

By: Beatrice Bucheli

A lot of people listen to music that makes them feel an emotion or a feeling, but a specific artist helps you learn how to feel happiness, fear, sadness, and panic. Billie Eilish is a musician and singer who has little experience in the field of music and production but has the level talent for an artist like Lana Del Ray and Taylor Swift.

I have a lot of opinions on many singers, but I only have positive feedback about Billie Eilish. One reason I like her is that she makes music for everyone. With “Bellyache”, you get a hyped-up and funk feeling, but with “Lovely”, there is a panic sense, and you feel like you need to check your surroundings.

Another reason the Billie Eilish is great is because she remains a human being, even though she has 51.4 million followers on Instagram, and is very well known. A lot of celebrities that have a big following often get washed-up and spiral down a huge “tube” of problems, but she has stated that she remains drug free and alcohol free, which is something that some young artist deal with. She believes in staying young and enjoying life with all of the blessings you have.

“The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do. …” Billie Eilish makes lots of people feel better and chose yes instead of no. I personally enjoy her music, and hope that the future will be better because of her impact on society.

An Outlet for the Lost

By: Karina Varela and Beatrice Bucheli

UIL, an outlet for distinguished students to express themselves in their heightened academic skills. For many, it seems like a deadly competition between individuals who have a lot of free time on their hands, but the startling reality is that these students feel a need to prove themselves, or more ideally cherish their variety of talents. Today, Beatrice Bucheli and I had the opportunity to interview three talented students who’ve very proudly brought home a medal from the past UIL competition on Saturday, October 19, 2019.

Ben Lyon, a sixth grader, earned his second place spot in UIL Spelling. He said that even though “Spelling isn’t a subject taught in school”, he was able to partake in it and learn more then he would’ve in the very limited time that we as a whole, focus on the English language. Though shaky at first, he was able to convey that UIL is more for the fun of it rather than the competitiveness.

We then jumped over to an eighth grade student, Daniel Ha, a math whiz, taking his spot in UIL Number sense and Math, unlike Ben, he thoroughly enjoys the competitive aspect of UIL, which is an admirable trait for the headstrong. It comes as no surprise that Daniel does so well in these categories being such a quick thinker, which he could only improve upon in UIL.

Lastly, we ventured into the 6th grade hallway to question our final recipient, Parnijali Datar. She too, took a spot in Number Sense as the 2nd place winner! It seems as though she had shared many of the same thoughts as Ben and Daniel alike, although she did think to mention that even an A-role student, such as herself, can make just as many mistakes as anyone. Through UIL, she was able to learn from those mistakes and improve upon it.

The majority of those who are too nervous or look over an opportunity such as this should really rethink before crossing off UIL. Despite what it may seem, not everyone in UIL started off as a genius or a chess champion. More accurately, they came into UIL looking for a new hobby or the cherry on top of their college resume. Whatever it may be, no matter their expectations, these students found something to be passionate about. They found new friends and a new family. In UIL, they have grown to be better people on the inside and out.