All Aboard Among Us

By: Vincent Wentink

Ever heard of Among Us? Of course, you have, this game racks up 68 million daily players, and has 100+ million downloads. Why is this game so popular you may ask? People find the gameplay very exciting; it gets lots of influence from celebrities and youtubers, and it’s available on different gaming platforms. One thing that can make a game popular is the type of gameplay infused within it. People love Among Us because it’s almost like a murder mystery, and there are different strategic ways to play the game. You’re either the Impostor or the crewmate depending on what the game gives you, and you work with it to pull off the victory. Not only that, but the game contains different accessories including pets, outfits, and hats that you can use for your avatar.

The game is so enjoyable, it even attracts celebrities such as our own US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who streamed herself playing. It gets even more hype from Youtube sensations such as PewdiePie, Mr.Beast, and Ninja. This attracts viewers on different streaming platforms like Twitch and Youtube. In fact, Among Us averages around 80 thousand viewers on Twitch a day.
The reason why the game has hit the number of players that it has is because of its availability. Among us is not only available on PC, but a platform also where millions of gamers play every day. But it’s available on IOS and Android which are owned by over 300 million people in the US today. This makes it much easier to get its hands on and the reason why we see so many people playing this game.

As the game has seen a slight decrease in popularity, there’s still a very good chance that it will flourish due to the exciting gameplay, celebrity influence and the availability. I feel Among Us will stay a popular game and continue to thrive as time goes on.

Love the Earth

By: Audrey Gonzalez
Do you care about the animals and plants on the earth? Do you care about your own life and living it? Do you care that all these things won’t exist without the planet that we live on? Do you care that because of us earth and all the things on it are going to go extinct if we don’t start loving and taking care of this lovely planet we get to live on? Because you should. Earth provides all the things we need to have to be able to be alive. Earth is one of the few things we can leave behind for future generations, and we might not even be able to have those generations because we might not have an earth. Earth is a living thing and it doesn’t deserve to die. Earth loves you, you should love it back.

Earth is one of the few things we can leave behind for future generations. Earth is like one very big family heirloom, and we wouldn’t want to lose such an important thing. Losing earth means losing future generations and their possible geniuses. If we start loving and taking care of earth now then future generations have the chance to, not only be alive, but to be the generation of technology and cures.

Earth is a living thing and doesn’t deserve to die. Earth, just like you, is alive and would like to stay that way, treat earth the way you would want to be treated. Don’t throw your trash on the floor like it’s no big deal, because it is. Not only is littering illegal, but it is also bad for the environment. Don’t pollute the air by smoking or vaping. Not only is smoking/vaping bad for the earth because of air pollution, but it is bad for the person doing it and the people around said person.

Earth provides all the things we need to have to be able to be alive. Earth provides the food we eat, the air we breathe, the materials for the clothing we wear, and the houses we live in. Earth is a mother to all people and things. Without earth we will be non-existent. Earth just wants to be loved and live, and she wants you to live too. Earth cares for us we should return the favor, so next time you see trash pick it up and throw it away, do anything, even the little things count. The earth loves you, you should love her back.