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New clubs introduced on campus
by Joseph Sweeney | staff writer Students and teachers have come together to create the Art History and Bowling Clubs.  “We tried to start it at the end of last year and it didn’t come together, but this year we are definitely gonna get it starte (More)
SOS : Students Of (offering) Service
Students of Service is a club about recycling and learning different ways to help our planet, Earth.The club sponsor, Mrs.Humphrey, and co. sponsor, Ms.Hernandez, are both wonderful women who created this important club to  allow students to do commu (More)
About the Manga Club
I am a proud member of the Manga Club! We gather every two weeks on Fridays after school. We do fun things like: participate in school events, make Manga art, get prizes, compete with other members to see who knows more about anime.  Best of all, we (More)
Student Council
    Ever wish you could be a bigger part of what makes Nimitz fun?  Consider joining Student Council.     The Carrier presents the Student Council. Student Council has been at Nimitz since the first year the school opened in 1961. This year, for (More)
Design Club
The club was founded in 2014 shortly after Guillermo Sanchez joined the STEM Academy.  Mr. Sanchez has severed as the Design Club sponsor for 5 years and plans   to continue to be its as sponsor indefinitely. Currently, the club has 36 students, a (More)
Robotics Club
Hey, you. Do you like robots and Legos? Well, the Robotics club is a club for you. This is the 3rd year for Nimitz Robotics Club. It is also (More)
Students Offering Service (SOS)
     The Nimitz Carrier is proud to present the Students Offering Service club. The club has existed for 10 years and was started by STEM teacher Mare Stewart.  It was taken over 7 years ago by Jennifer Humphrey.  Mrs.Humphrey is a science teacher at (More)
Student organizations give back for the holidays
by Victoria Ramirez | staff writer Organizations like Student Council, the dance and drill teams, and pep squad are doing everything they can to become leaders and ambassadors for our school. “This year for the 2016-2017 school year [we] start (More)
InterFaith Club
InterFaith Club Yearbook Picture By Tommie Gaitan (More)
Jags get the green thumb
by Alyssa Pena | staff writer With fall right around the corner, a new endeavor in extracurricular activities is appearing in the horizon, and it’s looking green. No, it’s not the Hulk and no, it’s not the Reagan Rattlers.  “I think everyone sh (More)
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