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You need to do these 3 things before summer ends
by Lauryn Chavez | staff writer As Phineas and Ferb once said "The annual problem for our generation is finding a good way to spend it [summer]," so the productivity of our summers are of great importance because our worst fear is not taking full (More)
School may be out, but not all the work is done
by Emma Fischer|feature editor When the final bell rings on June 6, not everyone is done for the school year. Although students disperse and push to be let out, not everyone leaves. There is a lot of work to still get done. “District office ch (More)
Ode to Band
by Audrey Payne | copy editor A lot of people ask me why I’m so obsessed with band. “It’s a cult,” they say, or “Your entire life is band,” or even “You’re torturing yourself with those crazy marching band hours!” Well, these accusations are kind (More)
The best state parks in Texas
by Elijah Johns| staff writer State parks are just one of several ways students can make the most out of their summer. Lucky for us, Texas has a lot of different kinds of parks available to the public. Whether you want to hike, swim, or just relax (More)
Summertime on a dime

Culinary journey through San Antonio
by Aliyah Armstrong | staff writer So often we find ourselves going to the same restaurants every time we go out to eat. When we keep eating at those chain restaurants, we miss out on all the unique eats that San Antonio has to offer. Instead of g (More)
Summer Movie Preview
by Cameron Tejeda | staff writer Summer is finally here. It’s a time to unwind and forget about school. And what’s the perfect way to relax? Go to the theater and get lost in a movie. Here’s a preview for some of the notable films being released t (More)
An Ode to a "Wasted" Summer
[caption id="attachment_32593" align="aligncenter" width="182"] (click image to enlarge)

What defines a (More)
Summer Near
By: Vyolette Summer Near Today of March 7, 2016 we only have 3 more months of school left and their summer waiting around the corner But then spring break is next week one week of break As the sun still hides behind the clouds but hope (More)
Summer reading woes
by Courtney Smith | staff writer The morning of the first day of school, she hurriedly packs her backpack, only to find, under stacks of new clothes and school supplies, her summer reading book, newly purchased and untouched. “I don’t like summer (More)
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