The Sound of Music is Here

Got that sixteen-going-on-seventeen blues? Don’t know what to Do-Re-Mi? Want to see one of my favorite things? The Sound of Music is coming to Churchill. Now you can experience this heartwarming tale of nuns, Nazis, and the power of song in our very own Lanny Naegelin theater.The show stars Meredith Trapp as Maria and Michael Coyle as  Captain Von Trapp.

So clip yourself an edelweiss boutonniere and climb every mountain to Churchill, now alive with the Sound of Music! Opens February 3rd at 7 p.m. with shows the 4th and 5th, also at 7 p.m., and  a matinee showing on Sunday the 6th at 2:30. Tickets are $10- buy at the door or reserve your seats today!

By Jessica Reece and Rachel Burnstein

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