Yearbook at Chicago

Journalism students traveled out of state November 1st to the 4th, at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago to ascertain new ideas for the yearbook.

Almost a dozen of the writers in the Yearbook staff will be attending in order to gain new skills, better themselves, and learn concepts for their future works. Expecting to experience a great time at what is one of the biggest yearbook conventions in the region, junior Editor in Chief of the Savrola magazine Grace Brigance gives her eager input.

“They had me at, ‘we’re going to Chicago,’” Brigance said. “I want to expose myself to people who can help me with my writing and meet new people that are at the convention. It’ll be fun to go with the girls in yearbook because it’ll give us a chance to bond , because I’m new this year.”

In addition to the new companions and acquaintances they’ll be given, connections are also a bridge to learning off of their peers’ works from other schools.

“It’ll be interesting to meet people from other schools, and seeing other people’s books, getting ideas from them to help make our book better each year,” Brigance said.

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