Somewhere- A Photostory

Andrade’s Espacios 60, 32, 71 (from left to right). Acrylic on Canvas.

Ibañez’s “Dana”, one of a unique series of mixed media sculptures created with nails.

Ibañez’s “Mountain view” (left) and “Sunrise on the lake” (right) acrylic on canvas paintings surrounding his “Kunturi” (center) nail sculpture.

A closer look at Ibañez’s “Mountain view”. Acrylic on canvas.

Ibañez’s vivid “Sunrise on the lake” painting shown up close. Acrylic on canvas.

Two of Ibañez’s sculptures titled “Charlotte” (left) and “Paco” (right). Nails and mixed media.

“Charlotte”. Nails and mixed media.

Getting up close and personal with “Paco”, one can grasp onto the complexity of using nails as a sculpting medium.

A full view of the central room of the exhibit.

“Cosme en el parque I” (right) and “Cosme en el parque II” (left). Acrylic on canvas.

“Harry” by Ibañez. Nails and mixed media.

Ibañez’s “Usur” featured on the central room of the exhibition. Nails and mixed media.

A close up view of “Usur”. Nails and mixed media.

Another of Ibañez’s collections of nail sculptures and Acrylic paintings. Shown above is “Theodore” (sculpture) and “The movement of ideas” (painting).

Part of his “Curcuma” series, featured is one of Ibañez’s largest nail sculptures “Curcuma”, accompanied by “Waiting for the sunset” (left) and “Family time” (right). Acrylic on canvas.

Lined on the wall is Espacio 61, 62, and 30 (left to right), by Andrade. Acrylic on canvas.

Exiting the exhibition, we are once again greeted with an array of Andrade’s Espacios. Shown above are Espacios 67, 66, and 65 (left to right). Acrylic on canvas.

A view of a foggy Thursday afternoon in downtown San Antonio near the Mexican Cultural Institute.

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