The Blue-less Super Blue Moon

The media is uncontrollably exaggerating the August 30th Super Blue Moon: it’s not blue, it’s not huge nor that bright, and no, it won’t be the only one in the near future. But here’s all you need to know about it.

First things first, the Moon will reach this state by noon. However, it will be visible around nine hours later.

What is a Super Blue Moon (actually)?
Although some Blue Moons might appear blue due to unusual atmospheric conditions such as airborne dust, ash or smoke, or particles in the air of the right size (one micron wide) to filter out red light, they’re usually not blue at all.

This term originates from the 16th-century expression “the Moon is blue,” referring to something impossible. And since Blue Moons are defined as the second full Moon in a month, which seems like an impossibility, they were granted this corrupted-by-the-Smurfs title.

Is it really big and bright?
For the Moon to be considered as Super, it doesn’t need to save Gotham City; rather, it must be within the top ten percent of the closest full moons for a given year. Super Moons are not “bigger” or “brighter;” they’re closer to our planet, making them stand out.

Along with this, the “moon illusion” helps out with this magnificent view. Although astronomers or psychologists haven’t been able to accurately describe why, the moon illusion makes the Moon seem more prominent when it’s in proximity to the horizon and, therefore, next to trees and other objects. When you compare our Earth’s satellite with a tree, guess which one’s bigger.

Is it really rare?
“It could be 2 decades before a Super Blue Moon happens again…” says many websites and news sources. But that’s not accurate enough. They mean that it might be a relatively long time to see the same type of Super Blue Moon. But here’s the catch: There are many types of Super Moons. In fact, the next one, the famous Harvest Moon, is due next month. (Go check out “Harvest Moon,” by Neil Young, to get in the mood).

In general, Super Blue Moons happen once about every 413 days. This means that, approximately, the next time this will happen will be on October 17, 2024. There’s always a possibility that the time will fluctuate; therefore, it’s being advertised as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Realistically, though, you’d see one next year.

Saturn will play an essential role in your picture; it will photobomb it. Make sure to look for Saturn five and a half degrees to the Moon’s upper right.

For Our Spiritual Readers
To the sensitive souls, a Blue Moon signifies much more than a mathematical equation. Take this time to connect with your feelings and spread kindness. Consider this event a natural manifestation of a value we all should practice: expressing our most authentic selves. Metaphysically and physically, a Blue Moon makes the world a bit more luminous.

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