The End’s Beginning

The senior class of 2024 comes together at the end of the senior sunrise on the football field. This annual event signals the beginning of their last year of high school.






Churchill’s Senior Sunrise for the 2023/24 school year was a success. Instagram posts and full stomachs proved the student’s contentment. The sun was orange and bright, while the moon was high up and luminous.

This year, Parliament made sure to offer breakfast tacos and the students’ favorite Dutch Bro’s beverages, along with providing t-shirts to commemorate the occasion. 

The morning was all about spending time with those that watched you grow. “… One last time to enjoy the moments weve been through together,” said Speaker of the House, Miguel Romero.

Everything ran smoothly and there was enough for everyone. While there was a recurrent issue as students asked for their food and t-shirts and they couldn’t find their names on the list, of the 150-plus attendees, the vast majority were posting photos in their baby-blue tees. 

Two upperclassmen enjoy watching the sun come up in the senior sunrise. This annual event happens every September on the football field.

Senior Sunrise is the first event of the year where seniors get to ease into the realization that they won’t be here next September, but rather, they will be looking at the sunrise through the window of their college dorm. 

“Looking back on it, I think these are the memories that will be instilled in my head forever,” said senior photographer Abraham A. Nuñez.

See the slideshow below!


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