San Antonio Stories From Beyond The Grave

San Antonio is an interesting city, to say the least, but do you know the horrific events that took place here, that happened many years ago? Well, I’m about to tell you some bone-chilling stories that will keep you at the edge of your seat, about this city.

The Majestic Theater has been around since 1928, it has put on many wonderful performances but has also held terrifying accidents which led to deaths, which then led to ghosts haunting the place. The first ghost is the Zoroastro or as it said on his birth certificate Ladislao Trevino, he was born in Texas in 1917 and spent a lot of time traveling around Central America and Mexico. He found his calling as an Illusionist and Stage Entertainer after finding out that Harry Houdini died in 1926. His career finally kicked off in Corpus Christi and was able to perform his acts at the Majestic under the stage name “Zoroastro”. But the strange thing is we never know how he died or even when he died to be precise, but it’s a mystery that will never be solved. The second ghost is a group of ballet dancers who were visiting during the night as a high school field trip, and during that night they decided to dance on stage, as the lights came on and they danced around, some of them met their untimely fate when the overhead lights fell on top of them. Sometimes you can still see their ghosts dancing around the stage when the lights turn on.

Another interesting story takes place at the Loma China Cemetery and the Guzman Burial Ground. If you go to the cemetery, you will see multiple headstones with the last name Guzman and then other headstones with Chinese last names, and the thing about this story is that it’s a story about love and heartbreak. One of the Guzman’s fell in love with a Chinese woman, and his family forbade him to go see her, but he didn’t care and so they met up at a secret spot which is now the cemetery. One night on his way to visit her, he was riding his horse and got struck by lightning. When the woman found out about his death it said that she was so heartbroken that she committed suicide at her lover’s grave. The family felt so guilty that they buried her alongside her beloved lover. Some people say that they’ve seen a specter of a seven-foot-tall woman at the cemetery, though it’s unknown whether it is the spirit of the secret Chinese lover or someone else. Legend has it that if you park near the front at night with your car shut off and windows rolled down, you might have an experience of your own. Flash your lights five times and you’ll hear voices, and maybe even see an apparition. If you don’t leave right away, the tall Asian woman will supposedly walk over and grab your arm.

Most stories can be horrifying, or some can be sad and heart-wrenching, but one thing that they have in common is that they still walk the earth, but as spirits.

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