A Well-Deserved Break

March is best known for its awaited Spring Break.  Students, staff, and faculty take a break from school life and relax for seven days straight, (well, eight or nine if they decide to take the days off before). To savor the well-deserved break, I went around the school and asked classmates what their plans were for this 2024 Spring Break.

“I’m going to go to Florida for the whole week and spend time with my family,” said senior Carolina Castro. “Even my best friend and her family are coming with us on this trip.” She was excited to take a break from school and hang out with her family and friends. Who wouldn’t?

Also a senior, Mary Kelly, said she was “going to go to the lake for the first half of the week, and then drive to Port Aransas and spend the rest of the week there”. Kelly is right: you don’t even have to leave Texas to have a great Spring Break.

“Since I’m graduating this year, my parents are going to give me my senior trip for spring break,” said senior Mira Zawacki. “We are going to Disney World for the whole week, and even my grandparents are coming with us.” You are never too old to go to Disney World, said every American ever. 

Spring Break is a time to relax and enjoy a week off from everything… everything! Even though these seven days seem short, let us all go and have a fun break!

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