College Craze

The time has come for Churchill seniors: graduation is only two months away. While many decide to go to the job field, many have decided to go to college. 

Throughout the year we have had many reminders of our short time left here, whether it be emails from our counselors reminding us of the generous scholarships, or our many meetings discussing our grades and attendance. But above all, graduation requirements take the price for “most annoying.”

Whether it is our required credits, the list of endless things college applications require, or even filling out the FAFSA form, these are clear indicators that the clock is ticking. Many have still not completed the FAFSA form due to the many errors in the FAFSA system. I can honestly say that it was a struggle to finish it, but the gentle reminder that the FAFSA form can help us in so many ways is worth it.

This year NEISD high schools were blessed to have the Alamo Promise Scholarship. Any senior can apply to any Alamo school and go free of charge. This is an excellent opportunity for anybody who has not even thought about going to college; it offers you the possibility of attending school for free and even offers some long-term planning. 

With little time left, I asked some of my friends about their college plans.

“I’m going to San Antonio College in the fall,” said Senior Jake Hernandez. “I’m studying to become an EMT; this year I have been doing C-Tech for EMT training and it has helped me so much. ” 

Jake also noted that he is grateful for the Alamo Promise scholarship. “It has helped me so much,” said Hernandez. 

“I am also going to San Antonio College,” said Senior Lynzee Arroyo. “I’m going for business for two years then transferring to UTSA for four years.  ”

This is a plan for many of the people attending San Antonio College.

“My parents were so excited for me to go to San Antonio College,” continued Arroyo. “I am so happy to be able to help my parents in the future as they helped me grow up. ”

The college craze leaves no one untouched, but it reminds us that we have come so far and that there is still so much yet to come.

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