1. Do you have any siblings?
“No, I’m an only child.”
2.When you’re not at school what do you like to do?
“I like to hang out with my son, play video games, and read books.”
3.What’s your favorite sport and why?
“Soccer, because i played it.”
4.Did you ever want to do something other than being a coach?
“I wanted to be an Air Force pilot.”
5.Where did you attend college?
6.What do you like most about being a coach?
“Working with the students and watching them succeed.”
7.What do you think you will be doing in 10 years?
“Coaching here at Driscoll or at another school.”
8.What do you do in the summer months?
“Hang out with family and travel.”
9.If i picked up your ipod, what would i find on there?”
“A mix of everything (Rock, Rap, One hits, Dance music, and country).
10.Whats your favorite movie and why?
“Gladiator, because I’m interested in Roman History.”


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