An interview with MRS.MEYER…

Q-“Do you have any siblings?”

A-“Yes i have four.”

Q-“When you’re not at school what do you like to do?”

A-“I like to read.”

Q-“What’s your favorite sport and why?”

A-“I like football, because my husband watches it.”

Q-“Did you ever want to be other than an English teacher?”

 A-“Yes, at one point i wanted to be a lawyer.”

Q-“Where did you attend college?”

A-“I attended Sul Ross State University.”

Q-“What do you like most about being an English teacher?”

A-“I like to work with the children.”

Q-“What do you think you will be doing in 10 years?”

A-“I think i will be traveling to Dominica.”

 Q-“What do you like to do in the summer months?”

A-“I like to hang out with my granddaughter, swim,swing, dance, and play in water.”

Q-“If i picked up your IPod, what would i find on there?”

A-“You would find Facebook, Skype, Twitter, CNN, NY Times, and Youtube.”

Q-“What is your favorite movie and why?”

A-“Wit, because it is a story of a college english professor who was mean and uncaring. She gets cancer and changes her ways.”


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  1. Kelley Meyer says:

    Olivia, nice job with the article. I’m happy to be your teacher for the 2nd year–for 6th and then 7th grades!

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