An interview with Mrs Gudowski….

1.) Q-“Do you have any siblings?”

A-“I have three brothers and two sisters.”

2.) Q-“When you’re not at school what do you like to do?’

A-“I like to read, Travel, bake, and watch Downtown Abby.”

3.) Q-“What’s your favorite sport and why?”

A-“Volleyball, because my daughter played it.”

4.) Q-“Did you ever want to be something other than being a Reading teacher?”

A-“I wanted to be a city planner.”

5.) Q-“Where did you attend college?”

A-“UTSA bachelors and Sam Houston College for Masters.”

6.) Q-“What do you like most about being a Reading teacher?”

A-“I love to see kids think.”

7.) Q-“What do you think you will be doing in ten years?”

A-“Hopefully a Librarian.”

8.) Q-“What do you do in the summer months?’

A-“I catch up on my reading, go to the beach, and stay up late and take naps.”

9.) Q-“If I picked up your iPod, what would I find on there?”

A-“Pictures of my dog.”

10.) Q-“What is your favorite movie and why?”

A-Harry Potter, because I think its fascinating that J.K. Rolling had that story ending in mind the whole time.”



 My name is Alex and I’m a student at Driscoll Middle School. I love to laugh and have a good time, but I am a hard working student too. I like to talk so if you want to know about me just ask!

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