Our next break is Spring Break! Were off March 9th through 17th! What will you be doing for spring break? Have fun and be safe(:


Mr Heim

Do you have any sibilings?

When you are not at school what do you like to do?
“Fish, volleyball, softball, football”

What’s your favorite sport and why?
“Basketball because I can play well”

Did you ever want to be something other than a math teacher?
“Own my own Sports Bar”

Where did you attend college?
“Texas State”

What do you like most about being a math teacher?
“helping kids understand”

What do you think you will be doing in ten years?
“Still be a math teacher or own a sports bar”

What do you like to do during the summer?
“Fish, Coach, Play video games”

If I picked up your ipod what would i find on there?
“games, pictures of my little girl”

What is you favorite movie and why?
“Gone is 60 seconds” because of all the Mustangs”

 My name is Stephanie. I am apart of the Driscoll Middle School  News Crew. I play soccer and love to be involved. I love to have fun!!!

The Lady Defender Volleyball team is doing great with a couple losses but is still eligible to win district. The girls are working hard and it has been a great season so far! Were excited to see the outcome of the season!

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