This Friday, the orchestra, band, and choir will be visting elementary schools for recruits. Wetmore and Redland will have the fun experience of watching these musicians perform and learning about their future elective choices. First, will be Wetmore in the morning, then the students will come back to Driscoll for one class period. Then they will have lunch at Rolling Oaks Mall and shop, and lastly visit Redland. Orchestra, band and choir are planning on playing fun music and having a great time.

Have fun!

As you may know, there was an assembly yesterday. A special guest speaker came and talked to us about making the school a better place. We learned about bullying and mistreatment, and how to stop it. Here are some photos of our speaker and the students. It was pretty awesome!

This Saturday, orchestra musicians from most all middle schools will be visiting Driscoll for 2013’s Solo and Ensemble contest. From violins to the double bass, students have been practicing classical pieces on their own or with a friend in hopes to get a gold medal. Getting a good score is honorable and fun for the orchestra students, and good for resumes. A 1 is the best score, 2 is second, 3 is third, and 4 is last. Those who memorize their piece and do an exemplary performance get an Outstanding award. Good luck Driscoll!

If you want yummy food and good music, you should go to the MacArthur Orchestra Dinner! They will be serving delicious Bar-B-Q, and the Driscoll, Garner, and Bradley Orchestras will be playing! Hope to see you there!

Students, on Monday, January 21st we will be a holiday due to Martin Luther King Jr. day. So be sure you don’t come to school Monday! Have a great 3 day weekend!

Do you know who Martin Luther King Jr was and what he stood for?

He stood for equal rights for any color and any race and wanted us to all be free.

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