Track season is coming up very soon before the end of this school year. Defenders, be ready to work hard to finish out this school year and sports year strong.

Track events are 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash and hurdles, 400 run and relay, and 1600 or mile run, those are just a few of the many running events. So if you like to run then join track!

If you’re not the running type there’s always field events such as shotput, discus, longjump, highjump, and many more!

So for any type of athlete, there is an event for you! So ask your coaches for dates and come join Driscoll track and field!

Our next break is Spring Break! Were off March 9th through 17th! What will you be doing for spring break? Have fun and be safe(:

Students, please remember to:…

1-not wear inappropriate pants to school.

2-not sag your pants.

3-be courteous and use manners in class and hallways.

4-respect your teachers at all times.

5-not wear jeggings unless they are covered by a sweater, skirt, or jacket. 

6-not use your phone during school hours.

7-lastly, remember to come to school every single day! ATTENDANCE MATTERS!

As some of you may know, our fearless leader, Ms. Aceves-Torres, has accepted a position with NEISD as the Head Principal at Madison HS. We will miss her dearly and wish her the best! Good luck at Madison HS! Go Mavs!

Attention all NJHS members, there will be a NJHS meeting this Friday, January 11th, 2013 in the library. All members must attend!7:45am

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