Fanatical Football

8th grade and 7th grade Garner Football boys have done an outstanding  job! They’ve been working very hard to succeed. So far, we’ve had a couple of injuries during our football game and practices, but our football players are much stronger and will do whatever to get into better shape. Garner Yearlings have won most of their games this year. Garner’s 8th grade and 7th grade boys have been practicing hard and haven’t given up.  I asked 2 boys that are in football some questions about this year. I asked Anthony Santiago (8) about how hard they practice “Hard! We work our butts off and we do get tired but we’ll do anything to win all of our games,” he said.  Way to go Garner Yearlings! 


By Samantha Alonzo

Stereotyped by Stereotypical People

The thing that is wrong with school nowadays is that people can’t be themselves. Why? Because people like to judge and stereotype people by the way they dress, look, their hair color, makeup, and other things. If people don’t like the way you look they call you names and ignore you. When Layla Abdallah (7), and Brenda Lopez (8) were asked if they were ever made fun of or called a name based on the way they look or dress, they both named numerous names. They’ve been called Emo, Goth, Ghetto, Chola, and Fake. Layla Abdallah (7) was also asked if it hurt her feelings, being called those names. She answered, “It did hurt because they’ve never got the chance to get to know me and they are judging me by the way I look.” I also asked Brenda Lopez (8) if she felt the need to change for them and she responded, “I shouldn’t have to change for someone who doesn’t know me.”

People should never change based on what people think about them because people who like you for you might end up being your friends that you have forever. It’s just middle school. Later in life people won’t call you names, they’ll just deal with the fact that they’re different and so are you.

By: Kasssandra

The Haunting Hauntcert

By Mercedes

The Hauntcert is a spectacular and spooky event held by Mrs. Malone, the Garner Middle School orchestra conductor, every year as she dresses up as a witch and conducts mysterious music. This year it’s on Friday the 21st at 7 PM, only TEN DAYS before the beloved night of Halloween.

The orchestra will be playing a wide variety of music. What music you ask? “We’ll playing songs from the Wizard of Oz. Others are Skeleton’s Dance, Rockin’ Halloween and Dark Adventure.”, describes Mrs. Malone. “I won’t be able to go, but I bet it’ll be great.” says a parent of one of the cellists in the orchestra.  Anyone who does go will have fun listening to the exciting music Garner’s orchestra will play.

Orchestra concerts may not be believed to be the most interesting thing in the world, but it’s often underestimated. From my own point of view, orchestra concerts are nice and tranquil, but still exciting. If you’re going, I guarantee, whether you’re playing or not, you’ll have loads of fun