Fanatical Football

8th grade and 7th grade Garner Football boys have done an outstanding  job! They’ve been working very hard to succeed. So far, we’ve had a couple of injuries during our football game and practices, but our football players are much stronger and will do whatever to get into better shape. Garner Yearlings have won most of their games this year. Garner’s 8th grade and 7th grade boys have been practicing hard and haven’t given up.  I asked 2 boys that are in football some questions about this year. I asked Anthony Santiago (8) about how hard they practice “Hard! We work our butts off and we do get tired but we’ll do anything to win all of our games,” he said.  Way to go Garner Yearlings! 


By Samantha Alonzo

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One thought on “Fanatical Football

  1. I think garner’s 8th grade football team might just go all the way, and win back to back champions if we work and hustle hard.

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